Light Up Your Floor is a division of Enlight LLC (a special events lighting and production company). We are based right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and service the East Coast from Rhode Island down through Virginia. Light Up Your Floor offers rental LED Dance Floors, Video Dance Floors and more!  Our panels are 1 meter by 1 meter and are completely computer operated. This means you have the ability to choose the color, the patterns and you even have the option of customized text scrolling on the dance floor. Your event may start out with a solid colored floor but as the party gets going, the patterns may change along with the colors! Our panels can be used to cover an entire dance floor, highlight a certain aspect of a venue, to provide a platform or stage for a band or disc jockey setup, runways for fashion shows or spotlighting a particular product in a trade show. Anywhere there is a flat surface, the led panels can be used. All rentals come with a setup team and an onsite technician who will operate the floor throughout the course of your event. You have a choice of a diamond plated ramp system, rail system or a combination of both with the rental.

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